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WALLEYE (Sander vitreus) 

OTHER NAMES:  Walleyed pike, walleyed pickerel 

ADULT FISH IDENTIFICATION:  A slender fish with large eyes, white tipped tail and innumerable sharp teeth.  They have a brownish green body on the sides and a milky white belly.  The large, glassy eye allows the walleye to see in dim light. 

DIET:  Fathead Minnows, Golden Shiners, Yellow Perch, sunfish and other small to medium sized fish. 

SPAWNING:  In the Midwest, March to April when water temperatures are 40-50̊F on rocky/gravel areas that have flowing water.  Unfortunately, due to the absence of running water walleye usually do not reproduce in ponds.   

FISHING TIPS/USES:  Jigs tipped with fathead minnows or nightcrawlers are ideal lures for walleye, as are small Golden Shiners and crankbaits.  They are often caught in low light conditions and at night. 

STOCKING RATE:  125 per acre 

Walleye are only available in late Fall. Please place your order by Sept 23rd to ensure that orders can be filled. 

A $250 minimum order to one address is required to qualify for free fish delivery within 50 miles of zip code 46531. Call or e-mail for delivery quote if you are outside of that area or if the order is less than $250. Multiple fish species can be combined to meet the $250 minimum for free delivery. Any fish orders paid for via credit card and cancelled will be subject to a 10% administrative fee. 

Fish sizes marked with an * are in short supply and might not be available at time of order, call or e-mail for availability. 

We will have Walleye for the Fall of 2021. You can order the fish up until November 7th for November delivery. 

UPDATE: We will have two sizes of fish, 4"-6" for $5.49 each and 9"-12" for $10.95 each We DO NOT ship Walleye. If ordered for shipping the order will be subject to a 20% cancellation fee. 

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