Triploid Grass Carp 12+"

Triploid Grass Carp 12+"
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Grass Carp, also called white amur, are a biological control for aquatic vegetation. Unlike common carp, Grass carp will not spawn in ponds or muddy the water. Native to the Amur river in China, grass carp are strict herbivores using specialized teeth in the back of their throat to graze submerged plants from the top down. Triploid Grass carp have three chromosomes in each cell preventing them from producing viable eggs or sperm, making them functionally sterile. These Triploid Grass Carp are individually tested to ensure that they cannot reproduce.

Grass Carp should be stocked in the Spring and again in September through late October  when water temperatures are between 60°F and 80°F to minimize handling stress. Triploid grass carp stocked in the Spring are robust after completing a full growing season and dormant from cool water temperatures. This allows for improved handling and stocking, ultimately resulting in more effective vegetation control.  Once water temperatures begin to rise in the spring the fish will emerge unscathed from their dormant state with a racing metabolism and a need to consume an abundance of aquatic vegetation. Triploid grass carp purchased and stocked during late summer do not handle as well due to their high metabolism. Stocking triploid grass carp during this time period is often unsuccessful due to high water temperatures, low oxygen concentrations and dense aquatic vegetation resulting in poor aquatic vegetation control.

Grass carp prefer aquatic vegetation such as Duckweed, Chara, Naiad, Potamogeton, Eurasian Watermilfoil, Bladderwort, Hydrilla, Elodea, Coontail, Spikerush and Water Stargrass. Grass carp generally do not prefer filamentous algaes, watermeal, watersheild, spatterdock, waterlilly, arrowhead, water hyacinth and cattails. Plant preference is greatly linked to fish size. Smaller grass carp will readily eat filamentous algae and pithophorawhile larger grass carp do not prefer this species but will eventually eat it once they have eaten other available species. Emergent vegetation such as hyacinth and arrowhead are generally not preferred by grass carp, however once grass carp have reached large sizes they will eat these species.

Complete eradication of aquatic vegetation can be rapidly achieved by stocking 12 to 14 grass carp per surface acre. Aquatic vegetation can be managed rather than eradicated by using smaller periodic stockings of grass carp and monitoring the response of the aquatic vegetation to grazing, weather and water quality. Stocking 3 to 7 grass carp per vegetated surface acre every 3 to 5 years is becoming more popular in vegetation control projects. The growth of aquatic vegetation is influenced by weather, nutrient levels, water quality and water levels. The level of control provided by grass carp is dependent on the size and age structure of the grass carp population and the growth rate of the aquatic vegetation. Modern aquatic vegetation management plans must continuously monitor these dynamic relationships to achieve the desired outcome.

Grass Carp are not available for pick up, and cannot be shipped.  Indiana law requires us to physically stock them in the pond. If you do not know if Triploid Grass Carp will control your aquatic vegetation, call or e-mail Hoosier Pond Pros. We might be able to identify the plants in question with good pictures via e-mail, or an on-site consultation might be required. To avoid predation by Largemouth Bass, Triploid Grass Carp should be stocked at a size that is at least 1/3 the length of the largest Largemouth Bass in the pond. Hoosier Pond Pros only carries 12"+ sized Triploid Grass Carp to 99.9% eliminate predation by larger Largemouth Bass and larger Catfish. 

A $350 minimum order to one address is required to qualify for free fish delivery within 75 miles of zip code 46531. Call or e-mail for delivery quote if you are outside of that area or if the order is less than $350. Multiple fish species can be combined to meet the $350 minimum for free delivery. Any fish orders paid for via credit card and cancelled will be subject to a 20% administrative fee. We do not ship fish, we deliver. 

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