Stubby Steve's

The original Stubby Steve’s fish food pellet has been on the market for several years. It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable exact replica of a commercial fish food pellet. It is the same size, color and shape as fish food and smells like fish food, fish naturally think they are eating the same food they have for years. It will stay on the hook and catch fish after fish. It is made in ¼” size to mimic commercial fish food, ¾” size to mimic large commercial floating Largemouth Bass Pellets, and in 3” and 4” long worms. The larger pellets are available in Lightenin’ Bug, Origional Brown or Blood Red which work great for Catfish. The smaller pellets are made in White, Red, Lightenin’ Bug and the Original Brown. The worms are available in White, Red, Lightenin’ Bug and True Earthworm Brown. There are 20 small pellets in one package of Original Stubbys, 4 “Chubby’s” in a package and 6 worms in a package.

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