Optimal Bass Food 9mm (11/32″) Round Floating Pellet

Optimal Bass Food 9mm (11/32″) Round Floating Pellet
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Optimal Bass food is specifically formulated to feed Bass in ponds. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are the target fish, but Hybrid Striped Bass will do well on this food too.  Optimal Bass food is packaged in 40 pound bags.

“Optimal Bass Pond Feed is a unique formulation, specifically designed for both growth and longevity for this high value species. Typical commercial aqua-feed formulations are usually designed only for rapid growth – getting the fish to market size as quickly as possible, without regard for the long term health of these fish. Our new formulation, designed specifically for the trophy largemouth bass growers, delivers high quality proteins and lower fat levels, which, in combination with our novel micronutrient supplements, will result in superior growth over the short term, while providing long term health and vitality for trophy fish destined for longer growth cycles. As with all our feeds, we utilize only the highest quality ingredients, combined with important micronutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This strategy results in a premium aqua-feed that is unique in the marketplace.”

This food worls extremely well when fed either on it's own for the larger fish in the pond or when fed in combination with Optimal Bluegill Food. It can be either hand fed to the fish, or put in automatic fish feeders. We have tested it in Texas Hunter feeders and have not experienced any issues with clogging or bridging.

Price includes shipping and credit card fees. For Indiana delivery, sales tax will be automatically added on all orders.

For pond owners that feed more than a few bags per month, 1/2 and full pallet prices are available.

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