Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass
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LARGEMOUTH BASS (Micropterus salmoides) 

OTHER NAMES:  Black Bass,  Bucketmouth 

ADULT FISH IDENTIFICATION:  The large mouth extends past the back of the eye when the mouth is closed.  A dark band runs along the side of the body from head to tail. Coloration is variable, but is usually a dark green. Young Largemouth Bass usually have a black tipped tail. 

DIET:  Anything they can fit in their mouth, Bluegill, frogs, insects, Fathead Minnows, Golden Shiners and other small fish are most common fare for them. 

SPAWNING:  Mid-March to Mid-June when water temperatures reach 62̊F right before a full moon. Males construct nests in 2’ to 4’ of water on sand or gravel bottoms. 

FISHING TIPS/USES:  Natural bait and artificial baits work well with casting or spinning gear.  If fish get hook shy, use a 4”-6” Bluegill suspended under a bobber. Largemouth Bass are used to control Bluegill populations in ponds. 

STOCKING RATE: 50 to 120 per surface acre depending on fishing goals.

A $350 minimum order to one address is required to qualify for free fish delivery within 75 miles of zip code 46531. Call or e-mail for delivery quote if you are outside of that area or if the order is less than $350. Multiple fish species can be combined to meet the $350 minimum for free delivery. Any fish orders paid for via credit card and cancelled will be subject to a 20% administrative fee. 

Fish sizes marked with an * are in short supply and might not be available at time of order, call or e-mail for availability. 12+" fish are sold per pound and are between 1# and 1.5# each. The minimum order for 12+ Largemouth Bass is 75 fish.




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