Hybrid Bluegill

Hybrid Bluegill
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HYBRID BLUEGILL (Lepomis cyanellus x Lepomis machrochirus) 

OTHER NAMES:  Hybrid Gill, Hybrid Bream, Hybrid Brim 

ADULT FISH IDENTIFICATION:  Has a larger mouth than a bluegill with yellow or orange margins along the pelvic and anal fins. 

DIET:  Insects, insect larvae, fathead minnows, small fish and commercial fish food.

SPAWNING: In the Midwest Hybrid Bluegills spawn May through late-summer when water temperatures are 72-85̊ F.  Nests are constructed in 1’ to 4’ of water on firm sand and gravel bottoms.  Due to their hybridization, 90% of the Hybrid Bluegills are males and will not provide enough forage to support a Largemouth Bass population in a pond. 

FISHING TIPS/USES:  Live bait such as pieces of night crawlers, red worms, mealworms and fathead minnows or a commercial fish food pellet on a small hook work great in catching these fish.  Small crankbaits work well for the larger Bluegills. Hybrid Bluegills make excellent table fare, and are perfect for stocking in ponds where kids will be fishing. They are perfect for stocking in ponds where kids fish. 

STOCKING RATE 1,500-3,000 per surface acre. Due to their low reproduction rates, they need to be periodically restocked.

A $350 minimum order to one address is required to qualify for free fish delivery within 75 miles of zip code 46531. Call or e-mail for delivery quote if you are outside of that area or if the order is less than $350. Multiple fish species can be combined to meet the $350 minimum for free delivery. Any fish orders paid for via credit card and cancelled will be subject to a 20% administrative fee. We do not ship fish, we deliver them. 

Fish sizes marked with an * are in short supply and might not be available at time of order, call or e-mail for availability. 

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