Golden Shiner

Golden Shiner
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Golden Shiner (Notemigonus crysoleucas) 

OTHER NAMES: Shiner, Golden Roach 

ADULT FISH DESCRIPTION: Can be 12” in length, breeding males turn golden in color with reddish colored fins. Silvery scales, the lateral line takes a sharp downward curve right behind the gills and comes back up just past the anal opening. 

DIET:  Insects, insect larvae, phytoplankton, and commercial fish food. 

SPAWNING: Golden Shiners broadcast their eggs on underwater vegetation and shoreline grasses in water 6” to 24” deep in the late Spring when water temperatures are 68°F and warmer. They can reach maturity at 3”, but typically are over 4” when spawning in Northern Indiana. 

FISHING TIPS/USES:  They are typically not fished for except when needed to be used as live bait.  Live bait such as pieces of night crawlers, red worms, mealworms or a commercial fish food pellet on a very small hook work great when fishing for these fish, but you will catch a lot of sunfish in the process.  Cast nets or minnow traps are also used to catch these when needed for bait. 

STOCKING RATE: New ponds 30# per acre, established ponds up to 100# per acre to boost the growth rate of the predator fish in the pond. In established ponds Golden Shiners are typically stocked in early Spring and late Fall.

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